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Yamada Seisakusyo Co., Ltd

Submicron precision turning parts


At Yamada Manufacturing, we meet customer needs with reliable grinding craftmanship and an unequivocal customer-first principle. We offer quality-oriented precision machining for all lot sizes from one to ten thousand pieces and beyond with a zero fault approach.

Customers value Yamada’s highest quality turned parts for hydraulics, as well as agricultural and industrial machinery. We respond fast and flexibly to different client needs and invest aggressively in innovative machining technology in order to satisfy new and evolving client requirements.

Yamada Seisakusyo Co., Ltd

Hichitanchi 19, Hanamasa

Ama-City, Aichi 490-1205
Tel: +81 898 22 6196
Fax: +81 898 31 6538

Or contact our European office:

Tel: +41 79 792 86 31

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Hideto Yamada



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Meet Hideto at


Circle for True Circle –Philosophy of Precision Grinding

  • True Grinding Technology: More than 50 years history of specializes in precision grinding.

  • True Quality: 0.001 tolerance grinding even mass-production/ Review systems by independent QC dept.

  • True Contribution: Direct connection with OEMs of hydraulic components, robots, medical devices, automobile etc.

  • True ValueforCustomers: IoT system for stable QCD management.

  • True Productivity: 24/7 production by robot systems.

We have obtained the international certification: ISO9001

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