Ohori Grinding

A Specialist in Ultra-High Precision Grinding

Ohori Grinding Company is a process manufacturer specializing in

ultra-high precision grinding of components made of metal and other materials. For more than 50 years, we have refined our techniques in machining for a broad range of fields, including aerospace, automotive and F1 racing-related industries, medicine, and machine tools.

Our strength is the ability to grind delicate materials that other manufacturers cannot machine. We accept requests for parts that other manufacturers refuse, particularly in external and internal grinding as well as taper grinding, which is extremely difficult.


Our customers have placed significant trust in our work.

Ohori Grinding Company

1-9 Sohara-Terajimacho

Kakamigahara City
Gifu Prefecture 504-0842


Tel: +81 58 389 1811
Fax: +81 58 389 1812



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