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Nagase Integrex Co., Ltd.

Ultra-precision machine and nano-machine

Nagase Integrex is a manufacturer of specialty grinding machines, sub-nanometer machine, machine tools and peripherals for the most demanding industrial applications. As such, we are a solution provider for ultra-precision surface and profile grinding machines, micro-grooving machines of sub-nanometer precision, rotary surface grinding machines and other high-precision grinding machines.

In the area of peripheral equipment, Nagase Integrex is capable of providing active vibration isolation devices and automatic balancing systems (measurement and correction as well as grinding assistance CAD/CAM systems). This variety of products enables us to provide a complete solution to our customers.

Nagase Integrex Co., Ltd.

1333-1 Atobe, Mugegawa-Cho

Seki-shi, Gifu 501-2697


Tel: +81 57 546 2323
Fax: +81 57 546 2325 (Yuki Hayashi) (Keita Okuda)

Or contact our European office:

Tel: +41 79 792 86 31


Yuki Hayashi


Overseas sales department

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Ultra-precision machine and nano-machine

  • Ultra-precision microfabrication with our sub-nano (0.1nm) machine. 0.3nm cut is achieved at the machining point by hydrostatic guideway and linear motor drive. Grooving and micro-milling by diamond tools are possible.

  • Machining and grinding of optical products such as lenses are possible. You can also process mold components for lens production by injection molding or glass molding

  • A wide variety of grinding machines controlled in submicron or nanometer scale are available. The materials to be processed include metals, glass, carbide, ceramics, etc.

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