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Juken Kogyo Co., Ltd.

Ultra-precision injection molding parts

Juken is producing ultra-precision parts by using ultra precision tools made by a Juken subsidiary. These high value products are processed in a highly efficient environment. Depending on the client’s request, cleanroom production is also available.

We offer total solution for plastic molding to our customers: R&D support, design consultation, trial production, mold making, molding system, and manufacturing service are all in one package. Direct business is available on plastic parts, molding tools and molding systems.

JUKEN Kogyo Co., Ltd. (Head office)

35 Tonowari Jinnoshinden -Cho

Toyohashi, Aichi 441-8077
Tel: +81 53 231 2061
Fax: +81 53 232 6534

Or contact our European office:

Tel: +41 79 792 86 31

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