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Iwata Tool Europe

Manufacturer of TOGLON Hard Drills

The Iwata Tool TOGLON Hard Long Drill enables our customers to process deep holes of up to 50xD in hardened steel. Our TOGLON Hard Long Drill can process holes with outstanding roundness, straightness and surface finish. Hole tolerance of H7 and better are commonly reached, depending on conditions.

In hardened steel molds, holes for ejector pins can be drilled directly without pilot holes, so TOGLON Hard Long Drills enable to reduce machining time and to shorten delivery time drastically. In addition to standard tools, we can make tools for the hole whose depth exceeds 50xD.

Iwata Tool Europe

Les Pommerets 10
2037 Montezillon


Tel: +41 32 964 18 77
Fax: +41 32 731 04 23 or

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